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Planting & Irrigation

Planting; As well as being trained & qualified horticulturalists, we are also extensively knowledgeable, experienced and proficient with plants & planting. More often than not, even basic planting requires a paradoxical mix of hard graft and dexterity…

We are as comfortable planting large trees & runs of hedging, or un-tying & training 7m climbers to vertical walls, as we are fitting small planters, beds and hanging baskets.

We are more than happy to advise on simple new planting schemes or additions to existing beds & borders – in instances where planting briefs become quite complex, we will usually advise a planting design is used.

We hand-select our plants & trees wholesale from superb suppliers, meaning our plants are not only great value but, owing mainly to their superior size, they can also create that instant ‘established’ look.

Planters; We’ve supplied and installed hundred of planters over the years so are well placed to suit your requirements. As with our plants, we hand-select our planters wholesale from superb suppliers, meaning our planters are great value and are often materials that are hard to source by retail means.

Irrigation; Over the years, in order to nurture our new plant installations – or to care for client’s existing schemes, we’ve installed scores of irrigation systems in many types of garden or roof space. At the risk of stating the obvious, we’ve found that busy London clients and new or stressed plants don’t mix well at all - modern life can be complicated enough, so we design and fit simple but effective systems that can be monitored & adjusted by pretty much anyone at the property. From providing small drippers to irrigate small rooftop planters, to extensive large-garden lawns, borders and beds, we can fit systems that will keep everything well irrigated, when required.


For plant care, please see our General Garden-Services page.

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