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Jacksons Fencing

Approved Installers of Jacksons Fencing.

Horizontal Hit and Miss Panels in garden.jpg

Following a strict vetting process, Diversity Gardens have been part of Jacksons Fencing 'Approved Installer’ network since 2017 - we really love using Jacksons Fencing products.

All Jacksons Fencing Timber products are extremely well designed, precisely machined and their 'Jakcure' treatment (protecting against rot and insect damage) allows them to offer their unique 25 Year Warranty on their Timber Products.  

Where standard treated timber products, especially if installed by normal contractors, tend to fail or decay over 5/10/15 years - an Approved Installation of a Jacksons Fencing structure will look great and last well for several decades.

Our clients are always delighted with our Jacksons Installs - from the visual impact these fine fences initially make to a garden, to them being secure in the knowledge that superior components & installation is well worth the investment.

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