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“Diversity Gardens are terrific. They are creative, practical, easy to deal with and understand exactly what your garden needs – and explain what is and isn’t possible. You can discuss ideas and let them get on with it, their work is of the highest standard and their charges are very reasonable. I’m amazed at how much they improve my garden in a relatively short space of time and I’d recommend them to anyone with a garden, big or small. They are a real find.”


Marcelle, Hyde Park

Landscape & garden maintenance East London Essex_edited.jpg

I, Sam Moon, founded Diversity Gardens in 200.

My horticultural career began working hands-on alongside my brothers in East London, and I then went on to further develop my skills & experience working for some more centrally based Landscape-Gardening companies.

The next logical step for me was to establish my own company, Diversity Gardens. Over the years, I guided the business, seeing it evolve and expand into individual teams that were a recognised provider of high standard garden construction/builds, in and around central London.

Now based in Loughton, Essex, I prefer to work on individual components of a garden, bringing enthusiasm, hard-graft, strong problem-solving skills, and a nerdy attention to detail to each task I undertake. It’s not always possible, but the goal is achieving a well-thought out, high-end finish.

I’m trained in Horticulture, Landscaping, and Design – obtaining qualifications from Capel Manor College, based at their Regent’s Park campus.

Why Diversity? Gardens tend to be very individual and creative areas. Drawing inspiration from the diverse array of tasks I’ve undertaken, and the biodiversity found in gardens,

I drew inspiration from the revolutionary ideas of Charles Darwin (and Alfred Russel Wallace), and chose the Scientific Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection as a theme.

The interesting schematic in Diversity’s Logo is our representation of Charles Darwin’s iconic  ‘Tree of Life’ sketch, which can be found in one of his notebooks, dated from around 1837.

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